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Founder & CEO

Diva Group of Companies

Nicole Rodrigues is not only an entrepreneur but possesses a diverse skill set, she is the founder of Diva Dubai Productions, the creator of Diva Group of Companies, a creative director for bespoke events and productions, a choreographer, a branding expert, and a former model. Nicole Rodrigues epitomizes the bold spirit of tenacious citizens that are redefining the UAE and have pushed boundaries to ensure multicultural and diverse society blossoms.

Using her keen business acumen, Nicole Rodrigues completed her OPM, from the Harvard Business School. With a career focus on business, Nicole Rodrigues has several years of experience in international marketing, developing international business relations and management consultation as part of her repertoire

Entrepreneur- “Be the human (roles, responsibilities, family work) and the being
(prayer, meditate, self-love, enlightenment, and awakening).

Being the complete Human Being to the highest and best version of self.”

Nicole Rodrigues – Pushing the Boundaries of Entrepreneurship

The art of entrepreneurship is one that requires immense efforts along with the skill to stand through the thick and thin that the company may go through. To dedicatedly follow a certain path and stay on it throughout is what makes an efficient entrepreneur. After all, one's goal is the key to creating plenty of opportunities. One such personality who has taken charge of these goals of hers and has been working on making her dreams come to true is – Nicole Rodrigues. She has been recognized as beauty with brains and has built a life redefining the cultural ethos of the UAE. Being born in the city that never sleeps – Mumbai, Nicole dreamt of a career that goes beyond the norms of society. One, where equality is of the prime focus. Before fulfilling these dreams, her journey started with a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Mathematics). It continued to Harvard Business School where she earned a Degree in Owners President Management. She then built  her career by taking up various roles such as,  a creative director, branding expert, and choreographer among others.


The inception of an Extraordinary Enterprise

Nicole Rodrigues forged a career in the fashion industry as a model but, with marriage and maternity in the picture, she decided to take some time off. But in the year 2003, she noticed a minor shortcoming in the talent agency industry in the UAE. Knowing the efforts and responsibilities of being in the position, she decided to bring some variation by utilizing her exceptional entrepreneurial skills. The change she wanted to see was to bring some structure in the field of talent acquisition, talent promotion, and any associated initiatives. Her first step was utilizing her knowledge which she earned from being in front of the camera. She understood the courage required and tried to build the same among other aspiring models. The key element to build was for them to feel comfortable in their skin. Elaborating on her appreciation for real beauty, Nicole states, “Beauty is not just about the segregation of looks but about how one view themselves.” This formed the base of the Diva Modeling Agency. The company eventually witnessed tremendous growth, and Nicole broadened her horizon to establish Diva Holding for real estate, Diva Salon, and Diva Laundry. This acted as a catalyst towards the founding of a branched out company which came to be known as Diva Group of Companies.  

The One-Stop Shop for All

Diva Group of Companies has placed its emphasis on creating opportunities for a lot of people while also providing services to many. Each of them is guaranteed to have perfection and is hassle-free. It provides high-quality services including model training, events management, and exclusive productions to all kinds of companies, including various forms of marketing communications. Diva Modelling and Events has transformed the professional promotional industry across the Middle East. A major list of facilities goes as below:

• Print Production • Promoters / Hostesses • Video / Still Production • Film Production • Exhibition Staff • Planning / Budgeting • Model Management • Sound / Stage Setup • Production • Fashion Shows • Studio Rentals • Location Permits • Session Stylist • Set Decoration • Government Permits • Stylist • Exhibition Stands • Location Scouting • Entertainers • Catering • Light and Equipment Rentals • Portfolio Services • Logistics • Pre-production • Crewing and Casting • Scheduling • Post-production

Building on Motivation Through Passion

Being a woman of utmost dedication and love towards people, Nicole has always found her motivation from those around her. With no differentiation intended towards a car cleaner or the CEO, she believes every individual has something one can be inspired by. As she states, “We just need to be open, attentive and be willing to learn, and understand. I’m so focused on people I love that I tend to forget myself.” Her passion for her work also stems from this factor, where she believes in learning from others while sharing, what she has learned. She thus aims to share her knowledge with as many people as possible and add value to their lives. Describing her journey, Nicole also says that it’s the people who are the ultimate power, and this created a path for her to empower others via her talent agency. Her ultimate goal is to utilize all learnings and experiences into growing and developing, not only as a person but as an entrepreneur too.

Gulf and Its Growing Opportunities

2003 was a phenomenal year for Nicole as she set foot in Dubai to set up her multi-million dollar empire – Diva Group of Companies. This is where she found the platform to grow as an entrepreneur and inspiration under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed. She noticed the country’s immense growth which made it the ideal location for businesses to flourish. Some additional factors also included the level of security, the tax benefits as well as the multi-cultural crowd.

DIVA6613 crop.jpg

Accolades Galore and Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

Efforts in the right direction usually tend to yield positive outcomes which may also manifest into recognitions. Nicole’s expertise helped the company grow, and for this, she received a myriad of awards. Some of them being recognized on platforms such as Top SME 100 Award-2015, Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2015 – Outstanding Category, Colors UMA Show Award, and many more. She was also named in the Forbes – 100 Most Powerful List 2013, in Arabian Business – 100 Most Powerful List 2013 as well as in Forbes 2014 as one of the Top Indian Leaders in the Arab World. Nicole Rodrigues's Net worth is 92,000,000 USD.

Her advice to many aiming for a position in the business world, is to stay clear of any false beliefs and negative influences. Nicole also urges them to be mindful of their lifestyle by keeping themselves healthy. In her own words, she says, “Never resent, revenge, regret or reject. Love life, pray /mediate be grateful, accept, surrender, eat healthy, sleep well exercise and be happy.”

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