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The Diva Group of Companies is delighted to announce the arrival of Nicole Rodrigues Larsen as a brand spokesperson.

At just 41, Nicole Rodrigues quickly become one of the must-seen faces in international fashion. Born in India, she studied Bachelor of Science before going on to realize her childhood dream of modeling. She made it onto the catwalks, where her contemporary beauty and natural elegance instantly drew attention. She went on to continue her education at Harvard Business school.

Nicole’s career truly took off as she began to appear for the world’s major fashion designers, who chose her to head up their prêt-à-porter and Haute Couture catwalks shows. In turn, the most prestigious international magazines fell under the spell of her resplendent beauty, celebrating her unique allure as the symbol of an all-new generation. Editorial after editorial, the press is always brimming with enthusiasm and admiration for Nicole.

Nicole Rodrigues Larsen is the perfect embodiment of the most contemporary beauty imaginable: a sunny and intense beauty, infused with rare charisma. With her poised allure, feline grace, and almond-shaped eyes, she encapsulates all the features of quintessential elegance and the simultaneously soft and sensual femininity of the Diva Group of Companies woman.


In tune with the world around her, Nicole Rodrigues Larsen is at the very heart of this new vision of committed, enlightened femininity.


 “Her universal beauty simply channels the je-ne-sais-quoi that makes the uniqueness, strength, and charm of every Diva woman.”


Greasepaint, glitter, change of clothes, jitters, lights, a flash of cameras, appréhension, varnish, gloss, walk, strut, pirouette, calm…..and then complete. 

Walking into the Diva office is a shot of happiness and motivation that is truly unparalleled.

The Pan Arab Research Center has released its advertising statistics for 2011. According to the PARC's findings, the region demonstrated resilience and stability in the wake of the Arab Spring as advertising revenues totaled US$14.3 billion in 2011 (a 4% increase). According to the PARC's findings, the UAE has regained its status as the leading advertising market in the region. With unfettered numbers like that Diva has established itself as a market leader and grown and diversified its portfolio at the perfect time, launching a salon and laundry service, feeling the pulse of Dubai, and anticipating the needs of the market.

 Diva has now become a one-stop-shop for any advertising or event that takes place in the Middle East. The agencies and the clients both can expect superior talent from Diva ranging from the models themselves, production properties, photographers, stylists, and locations- “All that we do is put all the pieces together for you”!

With advertising budgets on the rise, by 4 % on average, brands are now more focused than ever on capturing the interests of consumers, hiring creative communication agencies to evaluate the market and approach their problems in an ingenious way- these agencies come up with the fuel, the ideas – ideas that need models, locations, award-winning photographers, sets, lights, a production team, the works!

It isn’t unheard of for a client to seek ideas from or exchange ideas with Diva, after all, Diva does create an environment to execute a campaign.  Brands are all about integrated communication efforts, using various mediums- Social Media is one such medium of communication that eliminates any dissonance or white noise, it targets the end consumer, the decision-maker- the buyers directly. Budgets for social media, point of contact marketing, and public relations have also skyrocketed. This is where Diva steps in.

integrated communication campaign, a uniform voice that should follow through. Producing content and providing them with a dedicated in-house public relations officer that is familiar with the campaign by being involved in the production process is anticipating and addressing their needs. Liaising with the client to create press releases, facilitating a press conference that is perfectly timed with the launch of a new campaign that Diva has produced, or even organizing their product launches.

At the moment, Diva outsources their Public Relations activities and is exploring the idea of doing this in house, with a Public Relations Executive

Diva Dubai has helped to bring the best out of models and photographers, delivering unbeatable and the finest works that one will remember for a lifetime. Its management is known for brilliance, Diva has a large database of models, promoters, photographers for every occasion, location, and stylists.

Diva has contributed a lot to the fashion scene in Dubai. From L’Oreal shows to photoshoots for Harvey Nicholas, from Etisilat to Emirates, Diva has made its way to the top and from the quality of work, it delivers one can presume that it will retain its position in the market for years to come.

Diva Dubai has expanded its wings by opening a Diva Ladies Saloon, Diva Laundry, and Diva Dubai stock which is an online image gallery. More projects are in the pipeline which will materialize soon.

I am a living example of someone who has worked very hard to enrich my market segment and sector in the region. I have been the founding member in my field to constantly use business, technology to enrich my segment. We at Diva believe that a business has to innovate and constantly keep evolving to retain its position. We have the strongest database and systems and procedures in the region. We believe in setting standards, policies, and procedures with a very close strong team of legal, financial, and ethical team. Our team members are handpicked by me, groomed, and trained with an intensive training program that is in place.


What is the biggest lesson you have learned in 2011? And how did it change your outlook on life? I have learned that time is valuable, prioritize and use it well. Set your goals and focus on achieving them with a time span as a lack of goals is just a boat with no radar. Opportunities come to you daily – pick and choose the ones that work best for you and don’t waste time.


What have been your highs and lows of 2011? I am on a constant high but winning the SME – stars of business awards and SME 100 would be my highest point. I don’t have lows as they are lessons for me to learn and without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am. So for me, my lows are also my highs.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? (This can be personal or career-related) The best advice is received is that life is when the going gets tough the tough get going. Just do it.


If you could do anything in your life differently would you? What would it be and why? I live my life with no regrets philosophy. All experiences and people come into your life to teach you something. So I would do everything the same way I did. I always put a lot of thought into my actions and with my experience and expertise, I have the ability to think fast which makes life easier for me.

Diva creates jobs in the market and enables employment for people in different segments like promotions, hostessing, etc. Having the biggest database in the region from models, promoters, entertainers, stylists, photographers

Entrepreneur ~ Conceives develops and grows commercially outstanding businesses that harness the substantial global commercial experience

A seasoned practitioner with 18 years of experience as an haute couture model, booker, manager, company founder, and partnership maker. Excels at forging strategic alliances with top industry players, soliciting angel, mezzanine, and tertiary investment capital from global funders. Conceived, created sustainable business plan for, launched, and developed multi-million dollar enterprises in diverse sectors – from fashion to real estate.



Nicole is a serial entrepreneur. She has a longstanding and reputable track record of conceiving, developing, and growing commercially outstanding businesses that harness substantial value creation. She is a seasoned international commercial executive, practitioner, and investor. She has over 18 years of experience as an haute couture model, booker, manager, and agency founder and partnership maker.

Nicole has a strong track record of forging strategic alliances with top industry players and sourcing and managing angel, mezzanine, and tertiary investment capital from global investors. She has conceived, developed, and managed sustainable business plans for multi-million dollar enterprises in diverse sectors – from fashion to real estate.

Throughout her successful career, Nicole has partnered with large multinational organizations such as Unilever and L’Oreal in order to grow businesses and market share for organizations under her direction. She has managed and grown several start-ups to very profitable levels. Nicole currently owns and manages Diva Modeling & Events, a Middle Eastern-based modeling, and events agency. She grew this business from one employee in 2003 to its current level of 32. Over the last several years, Nicole has strategically diversified the business from only modeling to embracing fashion, promotions, public relations, events, and corporate communications.

Additionally, she manages a real estate investment fund in which she has grown the assets under management to over AED 100 million.

Nicole is currently working on her Executive Management diploma for Presidents, CEOs, and Business Owners at Harvard Business School. She received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from National College, India.


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