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Tag Heuer Celibrity

The luxury Swiss brand, TAG Heuer, launched a pioneering new ‘Celebrity Club’ for their high-end watches in the Middle East.

The exclusive club is composed of “a select group of intelligent, talented and trendy men and women who excel in their respective fields, and see every day as an opportunity to create history. They have used their avante-garde approach along with their strong personality &

Nayla Al Khaja alongside Luc Ducroix

panache to play by their own rules and redefine class and standards. They are the individuals who never rest and never take ‘no’ for an answer. They have all walked that extra mile to make things happen and take pride in looking at success as a journey and not a destination. The select members of the club are also men and women who capitalise on their success and fame to defend noble causes, working to make this world a better place.”

The TAG Heuer Celebrity Club 2013 includes members from the region like Ajaz Sheikh, Hadia Sinno, Hatem Alakeel, Jamal Al Sharif, Mahmoud Tannir, Lea Sednaoui, Nicole Rodrigues Larsen, Nicolas Shammas, Nayla Al Khaja, Omar Butti, Dina Butti, Shawn Stephens, Uma Ghosh Deshpande and Zeina El Dana.

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